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Welcome to Little Blessings

Child Care & Development Center

Little Blessings Child Care & Development Center is a proactive program for children two to five years of age. The program is designed to meet the individual needs of each enrolled child through age appropriate curriculum and activities. We offer a gently structured, preschool and daycare program that strives to nurture your child’s social, emotional, cognitive, physical needs.


We seek to celebrate each child as a special gift from God. We aspire to create an atmosphere in which children can develop a love for God, a positive self-concept and respect for themselves and others.


We believe that providing quality care is more than custodial (seeing that each child is fed, clean and safe from harm). We believe quality care includes providing services, which are centered on the developmental stages of your child’s growth. We will provide custodial as well as developmental care that will help your child develop his/her mind and body in a safe and healthy atmosphere.


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6419-A York Road

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Towson, MD 21212


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